Experts say no. Natural answers to the rescueKen Johnson, an authority of plant and botany pathology at Oregon State University, has extensively researched alternatives to antibiotics in managing fire blight. After testing and research, a protocol of copper spray, lime sulfur and fish essential oil is just as effective as antibiotics in controlling the bacteria. House gardeners have discovered white vinegar spray useful against the blight aswell.Within the HA protein of novel H7N9 viruses, there is a leucine residue at position 226, which is definitely characteristic of the HA gene in human influenza viruses. This obtaining implies that H7N9 infections have partially acquired human receptor-binding specificity. The authors conclude: We suggest that strong measures, such as for example continuing surveillance of avian and individual hosts, control of animal motion, shutdown of live poultry markets, and culling of poultry in affected areas, ought to be taken during this initial stage of virus prevalence to prevent a feasible pandemic.