People who have problems with severe depression have to recover the poor past encounter that haunt them continuously and affect their day to day activities. Antidepressant medication has capability to make things forget in order that it helps the person to recuperate fast quickly. 4. Quitting smoking: Your body’s want of nicotine usage makes the individual cannot focus on other things in the beginning but this passes by enough time the body turns into habitual of living a standard life. 5. Poor diet plan: Poor diet plan increase the risk slight cognitive disorder.They identified 65,680 children ages 6-17 years whose parents answered questions regarding ADHD diagnosis, intensity and medication use and also nine adverse childhood experiences : poverty, divorce, loss of life of a mother or father/guardian, domestic violence, community violence, drug abuse, incarceration, familial mental illness and discrimination. About 12 % of the children were diagnosed with ADHD. Their parents reported a higher prevalence of all of the adverse occasions than parents of children without ADHD. Parents of children with ADHD also reported an increased quantity of adverse childhood encounters compared to children without ADHD; 17 % of kids with ADHD got four or even more ACEs compared to 6 % of kids without ADHD.