Copyright 2008 Advisory Board Firm and Kaiser Family Basis. All rights reserved.. Dark clergy ‘committed’ to addressing HIV/Helps epidemic in community, opinion piece says The Fort Worth Star-Telegram’s recent series on HIV/AIDS accuses [black clergy] to be unaware, inert and unconcerned about the AIDS pandemic and didn’t note a extremely important truth: The church is changing in response to the challenge, and folks of faith are building a notable difference, Valda Jean Combs, an area pastor who heads the FullProof HIV Ministry, writes in a Star-Telegram opinion piece. Regarding to Combs, Once educated on the depth and breadth of the task, the black spiritual community has notice the reality about HIV and the reality about transmission, risk elements and the devastating toll the condition is dealing with the dark community and has already reached out to those those who are hurting, conference them where they are, each day.Murder-suicide has occurred before consuming SSRIs. Keep in mind the Columbine college shootings? That was a pharmaceutical-inspired mass murder. Keep in mind comedian Phil Hartman? The reason why he is no more alive is basically because his wife was doped through to antidepressants when she shot him twice in the top with a .38 caliber pistol, fatally shot herself then. Just about any school shooting which has happened within the last two decades has been connected in one method or another to psychiatric medicines sold by pharmaceutical businesses led by mentally deranged executives.