Capitol Hill briefing addresses analysis agenda to end AIDS epidemic In a guest blog post on the guts for Global Health Policy’s Science Speaks, Chris Collins, vice president and director of community policy at amfAR: The Foundation for AIDS Research, and Mitchell Warren, executive director of AVAC: Global Advocacy for HIV Prevention, summarize a Capitol Hill briefing on the study agenda for starting to end the AIDS epidemic that took place Wednesday. [R]esearchers, policymakers, and advocates joined our institutions and the Congressional HIV/Helps Caucus at the briefing to go over the study agenda needed to provide the epidemic to a close, with particular focus on mixture interventions for treatment and prevention; progress on vaccine and remedy research ; and the importance of HIV tests, they write .

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Under the conditions of the contract, AWH will bundle Cardiac Network’s heart monitoring solutions with other providers offered as part of AWH memberships. The monitoring plan will generate revenues through product sales and regular monthly billings to subscribers for its various monitoring providers. The expanded technology platform will simplify the management of customer accounts. System upgrades will make sure that individuals experiencing cardiac episodes will be able to communicate directly and effectively with the Cardiac Network monitoring station. In turn, Cardiac Network’s medical technicians can communicate directly with a patient’s doctor or emergency response group. Cardiac Network will continue steadily to announce updates to its development programs and services and services through the rest of fiscal 2009, or as new materials definitive agreements are signed..