Mortality rates are falling in most countries, according to findings released by the EuroHeart mapping task. However, this detailed research, , also reveals large inequalities among countries both in the price of cardiovascular mortality and in national prevention programmes. The research highlights striking inequalities among countries with regards to CHD prevention plans and legislation. All national countries reported some form of legislation covering general public health, tobacco food and control. However, Denmark and Greece do not have national policies relating to coronary heart disease specifically.HOPE VI is an initiative by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Advancement to revitalize the most severe public housing projects in the usa into mixed-income advancements. From 1998 to 2006, the SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA Housing Authority revitalized five obsolete open public housing sites with 1,149 units of new public and affordable housing with 2,607 bedrooms. Eight more sites are prepared under the City's HOPE SF Program. Low-income kids living in redeveloped HOPE IV public casing were less likely to have repeat appointments to the emergency room than their peers surviving in older public casing, said Adler. This suggests that buying physical infrastructure might not only provide better casing but also foster better health among kids and reduce spending on acute care solutions.