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It’s only the next such treatment to have already been performed in the U.S, reviews CBS Station WBZ. On Fri In a mobile phone interview, Pomahac stated the man’s damage occurred some years back, and it still left him with no tooth, no palate, no nasal area, no lip. It was problematic for him to speak, to consume, to drink. It really caused a whole lot of social problems, Pomahac said. The man have been Pomahac’s individual for a long period, and doctors made a decision to pursue a encounter transplant because previous tries to treat him remaining him still badly deformed. It took 90 days to locate a suitable donor, who also offered some organs for transplant in other sufferers, Pomahac said. The procedure began at 1:15 a.m. Thursday, with the recipient and the donor in working rooms over the hall from one another.