Hypothesis hypotheses, along Knight and his colleagues with UCSF doctors Nick Barbaro, neurosurgeon, professor of neurosurgery and director of surgical epilepsy.; Mitchel Berger, neurosurgeon, professor and chairman of neurosurgery and director of the brain Tumor Research Center, and Heidi Kirsch, epileptologist, assistant professor in residence of neurology, planned to record brain activity in brain tumor and epilepsy patients to remove a portion to remove part of her brain. The epilepsy patients typically have brain activity up to one week in advance, so locate that surgeons can important areas that they need to avoid centers centers of language, vision or motor activity..

The goal of the UC Berkeley – UCSF Intracranial project is to use high – gamma waves to produce a finer map of the brain leading neurosurgeons during brain surgery and potentially the same high-frequency vibrations, you can control systems, so thattic devices in paralyzed patients. This is a paradigm shift in how we map brain is is, Berger said, As a neurosurgeon I in this very complicated cortical and subcortical areas to work talk in which regions are connected, and there is a level of connectivity between cortical regions. Not detectable by all the current means for detecting. Continue reading