What’s so special about Peruvian Horses?

The Peruvian Horse is born with a, natural “no bounce” method of travelling.  These horses were selectively bred over centuries to carry their riders comfortably for many miles over the haciendas in the deserts of Peru’s southern coastal plains.

 The romantic history of the breed is preserved in the traditional tack and training methods used by many of the Peruvian horse breeders in North America including Celestina Ranch.  The smooth way of going is not influenced by any artificial training devices – in fact, Peruvian Horses are shown barefoot.

 Their glossy coats and extravagant manes and tails invite your touch.  Their sensitive and expressive natures are irresistible.  We invite you to come and meet them – be ready to fall in love.

Aren’t they the same as Paso Finos?

Enough people asked that I wrote a blog about it complete with videos.

How do you teach them to move like that?

The gait is inbred – foals do it from the day they’re born.  Certainly, good training and riding can “lock in” the gait and poor training and riding can damage or destroy it, but the gait is hereditary.

Do you have to ride them in a Peruvian saddle?

No, any well-fitting saddle will do.  It can be a real challenge to find a well-fitting Western saddle, though, because Peruvians generally do not have the same prominent withers that other breeds do and are generally have shorter backs.  If the saddle is pinching the withers or hanging over the hips, the horse will not be comfortable.  If the saddle is tipping the rider’s weight forward, it is very difficult for the horse to engage its hindquarters and move effectively.  For me personally, there’s simply nothing like a Peruvian saddle for riding a Peruvian horse.

What’s with the stuff on the back of the Peruvian saddle?  Does it make them gait better?

There is a crupper under the rest of the tailpiece.  The crupper is the only functional part of the tailpiece.  The remainder of the tailpiece (floron and retrancas) is ornamental, and is traditional.  Here are photos and information from a reputable website from Peru.