We are very pleased to maintain frequent contact with many of our customers and count them among our friends!

Roxanna Rassmussen and CLST Determinacion

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Deter – for sale

Roxanna has been a friend for many years, and is a repeat customer.  She waited more than two years for “Deter” to be finished in the bit, and I was delighted to hear the happy stories of her rides with him on Texada Island.  Update – April, 2013.  Roxanna has decided that her riding goals have changed.  Deter was purchased for his strength and stamina as Roxanna was considering Competitive Trail.  We are now working on finding a quieter horse for her and Deter is on consignment with me.  She will continue to ride him and love him until we find a new home for him and have a new horse ready for her.  Customer service does not end when a horse is purchased here.  I stand by my horses and clients for the long haul.

Terri and Kate Bauer and RJT Coqueta

“Katie” was born at Celestina Ranch, and was owned and loved by Tammy Deschenes for several years.  Tammy’s health caused her to reconsider her focus with horses and she asked that I find a special home for this special mare.  I was absolutely delighted that Terri and her daughter stepped forward to purchase her.  It seems that Kate and Katie are meant to be together, and that Terri is meant to have more than one in her family.  Katie is now cherished by this mother and daughter, and she remains here at Celestina Ranch with the herd she was born into.

Sharon and La Sequena KK

Sequena came to us on consignment and Sharon quickly recognized a good thing. They have been together since 2005. Sharon said, “Three years ago I had the good fortune to meet Jocelyn Hastie. At the time I knew only a wee bit about horses and the PP breed. I did not have any confidence around a horse let alone to ride one or own one. I immediately felt Jocelyn to be someone I could trust to teach me how to be around a horse. When the opportunity to purchase my own horse was presented to me, once again I knew I could trust her judgment that this was the horse for me. Jocelyn’s generosity of sharing her experience, knowledge and wisdom knows no bounds. I can always count on her to help me through difficult times with my horse. She is more than a matchmaker – she is also a generous mentor.”

Thanks, Sharon. We’re glad you and Sequena found each other, and that we got to be part of it.

Carla and JD Dana del Peru

Carlos and Carla are from Peru, and have waited a long time to purchase one of these noble representatives of their homeland. They found our website and contacted us looking for a calm and cooperative horse. “Dama” was young, but very sensible and we felt they would be a good match. We finished her training and she headed for Ontario in May, 2008. Carla wrote: “Dama is not only beautiful, but what we like the most, is her demeanour, she is so sweet and lovely, she allowed us to brush her, clean her, and even kiss her!… to be honest I am already in love with her. For us she is not only our Peruvian horse, she is part of our family…”

Dama went on to be awarded “High Point Horse of Show” at the First Annual Peruvian Horse Festival in Orono, Ontario.